The key success factor is actually participation:

Strategic projects are firmly embedded within the organization, innovation will accelerate the time to product maturity, change will be implemented by management, employees and citizens on a broader basis. Generally: you can reach higher acceptance and smoother implementation in a much shorter time.

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Organisational consulting

develop - change - transform

It is more important than ever!

Digital change is driven by intelligent technical methods and fast data lines - organizations and people change often is not even on the agenda! But assumptions and powerpoint-decisions do not change your company!

Experts and process consulting

We do experts and process consulting simultaneously. Your company is not changed by well-intentioned expert advice in a Powerpoint format. Nor change pleasant-moderated the workshop in a conference hotel. Therefore, we use in change projects, the dihelix-ansatz developed by us. Because: the effective and actual change success is our claim for your project!

Actual change

Our approach has worked in numerous customer projects. Concrete Change means that terms such as VUCA or transformation will become hand and shapeable and that change success is actually achieved.

Our approach

holistic - systemic - effective

Successful project work

We are a team of experts when it comes to consulting in organizations. To this end, we have developed a holistic-systemic approach, we have been able to apply in numerous consulting projects successfully. See for yourself what our customers say:

As a result, we know how to change, what change management means and how you will be able to cope with digitization and transformation.


Digitisation and transformation experts

Today, in an era of digitization and Industry 4.0 makes it very clear that technological changes have the potential to endanger, established companies and their business models. To turn this threat upside-down a change process is necessary, not only from a technical perspective but holistically for your whole organisation.

Resaons & occasions


Effectiveness for your project


Because it only brings real change!

Effectiveness is what comes first at poensgen, and this from the beginning of the project. We ensure that you, your colleagues, managers and employees begin immediately with the change. Your project team is involved from the beginning at all organisational levels. Our methodology already manages to do this from the analysis phase.


activly shaping change

What us drives is the passion and enthusiasm for change processes. That is why we have developed an active change management. We have also continued to develop well-proven processes and thus also a methodological basis for our claim. Because at the end of the day you expect results - we ensure that activation energy, methodological guidance and process control are present.


recognizing connections instead of symptoms optimisation!

Our attitude has the systemic approach as a core element. What does this mean for you? We make interactions and relationships transparent and therefore manageable for you. Still, we will ensure that do not stuck at symptoms and problems, but quickly find good solutions and - from us - develop methodological support.


starting and keeping the change process


getting the parties enabled

Some typical customer projects

In our projects and working with senior executives, management and employees, it is usually in the form of confidential matters. Using project examples at this point, we would like to give you an overview of how we operate for our customers.

Customer testimonials

selected examples


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