Executive summary

The discussion about systemic CSR Corporate Social Responsibility, what are the values we are live-up to and how we treat customers and business partners in distant countries, this are current events for Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). Despite this importance, companies and organisations choose very different paths when it comes to CSR implementation. This contribution represents systemic approaches with which CSR organisational development within the company will be achieved in the best possible way. As shown in examples companies that consistently align to CSR are remarkable successfull both being innovative and acting economically as well as socially and ecologically. Success and exceptionality is not on external factors and optimisation, but are forced back into the inner orientation, the values and principles. But how can this change and how to develop an organisation focused toward a company with a strong CSR embossing? Among other things, by common learning and the use of effective dialogs, specifically described in this book.

This contribution is published in the book

CSR und Organisationsentwicklung

ISBN 978-3-662-47700-7 at Springer Verlag